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Trust Red Deer’s true experts to makeover your vehicle. For 28 years, we’ve specialized in auto paint detailing. We are the masters at color matching—we’ll always connect your car with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) paints. Moreover, we’ll save you money by avoiding the costly process of repainting an entire panel, as we can seamlessly repaint only the necessary areas. You can count on Color Tech for superior service and competitive pricing. We can help with:

Auto painting

Paint detailing

Car paint polishing

Paint chip repair

Paint protection

Paint repair

Paint scratch removal

Arctic coating

Has Your Vehicle’s Paint Dulled over Time? Prevent Surface Rust and Corrosion with Power Polishing


Pollutants and contaminants make your vehicle’s coat look dull and oxidized. Beyond tarnishing your car’s aesthetic, a compromised clear coat won’t effectively protect your auto from corrosion and rust spots. Everything from road salt to sunshine can damage your vehicle’s coat, leading to costly repairs down the road. When you notice your car’s clear coat doesn’t look crisp and clear, it’s probably time for a 4-stage cut polishing job or arctic coating from the experts at Color Tech.

Here are a few examples of our paint repair work. To inquire about our services or request a free estimate, give us a call!

Here is 1967 Mustang that only needed a complete polish to freshen it up. But it did need a lot of touch ups… which were done. It’s a beautiful ride for the owner’s first classsic.

The owner of this 1967 Monaco 500 is restoring it to the original. However, it needed a full wet sanding and extreme cut and polishing package. The gloss is now phenomenal. He is very pleased with the result.



Scratch repairs, bumper repairs, over-spray removal, power polishing and more.

Minor Body Repairs

Headlight restoration, surface rust repairs, tree sap removal and much more.

Arctic Coating

Ceramic coating and top coats to protect your vehicle’s paintwork in winter.

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