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Color Tech is the go-to Centre for AUTOTRIZ coating systems in Red Deer. If protecting your automotive paintwork is a major concern for you, then perhaps you should consider adding AUTOTRIZ at Color Tech. AUTOTRIZ provides permanent ceramic coatings with a molecular ceramic 3D structure proven to be the highest quality coatings available worldwide.


Designed to protect your paintwork from year-round exposure to whatever’s thrown at it, this special coating is durable, glossy, chemical-resistant and easy to maintain. The paintwork itself is a bit fragile. However, nanotechnology has made it possible for this coating to withstand the corrosive effects of bad weather, strong chemicals, road salt, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, UV rays, and more. It is one of the toughest automotive paint protection solutions currently available on the market. While applying AUTOTRIZ, we add a topcoat that improves the gloss, washes easily, and you will not experience water spots anymore. AUTOTRIZ is genuinely one of the best things you can do for your ride.


AUTOTRIZ comes in a wide range of coatings options for different vehicle surfaces like trim and glass. For price-conscious vehicle owners, they will now have the option of a single-step coating for the body and the coatings for the different surfaces such as plastic, glass, rims and even leather. AUTOTRIZ coatings chemically fuse to all paint, glass, headlights, taillights, plastics and chrome – creating a permanent bond. These products are certified to achieve the highest possible protection.

What Are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coating?

AUTOTRIZ gives you that peace of mind and a protected showroom shine till the day you trade your vehicle in at a top trade-in value. And, you will save 50% on washes, drive a cleaner, and a swirl-free car that NEVER has to be waxed!

  • Best return on investment offered

  • Drive a cleaner vehicle with less washing

  • High hydrophobicity

  • Higher resale value

  • Maintain a swirl-free brand new showroom shine with minimal maintenance

  • Never wax your vehicle again!

  • High resistance to light scratches 

  • Protects expensive rims – brake dust easily washes off

  • Not affected by road salt, solvents, or harsh chemicals

  • UV resistant

  • Prevents damage to satin and matte paint finish

artic coating benefits

Autotriz Coating Options:

coating booster


V1 3D Matrix Coating Booster

AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Coating Booster can be used as a cost-saving measure to protect your paint by sealing the surface with a micro-thin layer of protection infused with Polysilazane nanotechnology. Booster is still many steps above traditional paint protection sealants. It offers a silky smooth finish and hydrophobic effects, which helps resist debris and contaminants while providing an easy-to-clean surface.

coating base view


V1-3D Matrix Coating Light

A one-step high-performance nano-ceramic coating that features all the benefits of 3D Matrix Coating. It is designed to cure faster, especially in a low-temperature environment. Based on a patented Polysilazane German technology, it offers a high gloss finish, super hydrophobic effect, chemical resistance, UV resistance, thermal resistance, stain resistance, and anti-graffiti effect.

coating base and top view


V1 3D Matrix Coating

A revolutionary nano-ceramic coating that utilizes a three-dimensional (3D) matrix nanostructure to provide extreme clarity, amazing reflection, and gloss on the paint. This permanent barrier, which exceeds 9H hardness, offers excellent resistance against scratches, bug stains, chemicals, and temperature. Its strong water-repellent properties that protect against oxidation, road grime, salts, acid rain, and UV rays provide a premium vehicle coating.

Below is a 2023 Highlander that has 6300 Kms.  But still needed a full correction. Then it had Autotriz 3D Matrix applied including lenses. The gloss is exceptional and really brought out the color. 

This classic 1971 Chevy C10 has a twenty-year-old paint job. It came to us looking for some rejuvenation. So the front clip, passenger door and wiper cowling had 3000 and 5000 wet sanding done. A small run was removed from the side of the hood too. A full correction was done and mega touch-ups. Custom colors were difficult to match with no documentation provided… but we got it. Then it received Autotriz 3D Max Ultra to the body, lenses, bumpers and chrome. Check out the gloss. The owner was very pleased with its transformation.

Here is a new 2022 4Runner TRD in limited production orange. Needed minor corrections on a few panels. Then it had Autotriz 3D Max Ultra applied to the full body and lenses. Had the full glass and trim package too. The owner was extremely pleased with its appearance. Phenomenal gloss.

This 2016 Discovery had 96,000 kms on it. We performed a full correction with touch-ups and then applied AUTOTRIZ 3D Max Lite coating. The owner could not believe how beautiful it now looks. Seven years of worry-free kms.

This 2022 F350 King Ranch saw a complete correction with touch ups before it got a Auto Triz 3D Max coating package with a full trim coating. Owner was super impressed with it’s uber gloss and appearance. 10 years of worry fr e e look


This 2017 Megacab had a complete correction, full touch ups, 3D Max Lite package with glass and trim coating applied. It had 100,800 kms on it and now looks like it just came out of the showroom… customer was ecstatic over the gloss and final appearance.

This beautiful 2013 RX350 was body clayed to remove the calcium chloride and other contaminants then coated with AutoTriz 3D Max Lite. The 102,000 kms on it doesn’t show like it anymore. Customer was extremely pleased with its appearance.

Here is a 2008 Corvette with 97000 Kms. It needed a complete correction with the chips touched up. Then it had an Auto Triz 3D Max Ultra coating done. Outside this color just popped. The owner was extremely pleased.


Paint Detailing

Paint detailing, paint polishing, scratch removal, chip repairs and much more.


Scratch repairs, bumper repairs, over-spray removal, power polishing and more.

Minor Body Repairs

Headlight restoration, surface rust repairs, tree sap removal and much more.

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