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From stray shopping carts to carelessly opened car doors, paint scratches are a reality for vehicle owners everywhere. Likewise, cracked bumpers from fender-benders can happen anywhere, and overspray and industrial fall-out are only two of the ways the modern world damages your car’s appearance. Luckily, if you’re in Red Deer, there are touch-up experts who specialize in repairing those minor scratches and cracks and removing unwelcome detritus sticking to your ride’s exterior. 

At Color Tech, we are the masters of flawless color matching. We’ll replace your bumper with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part or an aftermarket substitute that suits your vehicle and your budget. And every vehicle will be treated to OEM paint.


Scratch repair

Bumper crack repair

Clear-coat scratch removal

Over-spray removal

Fall-out removal

Power polishing

Here is a 2023 Grand Cherokee that was bought looking less than stellar… lots of micro scratches and door marked up. We corrected it completely, touched it up and then applied a Autotriz 3D Matrix coating including lenses. The owner was soooo happy!!

Scratch Repair that Turns Back Time

Look how our scratch repair specialists refinished this vehicle.

Here is a 1964 Chev. Custom. Tidy ride… it needed a polish and touch-ups. The customer was extremely pleased.

Here is a 2004 Mercedes S430 with a low of 63000 km. It got a full correction, polish, and complete touch-up. The owner said it could go into a showroom. Very pleased.

Here is a 1997 BMW Z3 that has 187000 Km. It showed too. So we performed a complete correction, polish, and mega touch-ups. The owner didn’t recognize his own car. Totally impressed.

This 2023 F150 Sport needed a full correction as it was swirled and scratched at delivery. Then Autotriz 3D Max Ultra was applied to the body and lenses. Glass package was also applied. The customer was grinning ear to ear. Many happy miles.

This 2010 X5 needed some serious attention. It was covered in overspray from head to toe. Removed first with body clay then had a complete correction. Polish/sealer was applied on the complete body with lots of touch-ups. Doesn’t look like 178000 Kms. anymore. The customer was extremely pleased.

Here is a 2021 Tacoma pearl white tri-coat with 23000 Kms. A full correction with touch-ups was performed on it. Then it had Autotriz 3D Max Ultra applied to the body and lenses, with the full glass and trim coatings. The pearls looked amazing not to mention the gloss. The owner was totally floored. Many happy miles ahead.

scratch repair
scratch repair
scratch repair

This 1970 Cuda was brought to us for paint correction of the hood and minor touch ups. Customer was very pleased with the outcome. What a beautiful ride!!

This 2016 Grand Cherokee has 118000 Kms on it. The customer couldn’t stand looking at the swirls it anymore... we did a 4 stage correction and complete touch up as well. He was so impressed with the appearance now !!

This 2019 Chieftan Classic needed swirls and scratches corrected. It left our shop looking brand new. Customer was very impressed!!

Bumper Repair

Power Polishes that Shine

You’ll see your reflection in the power polish we give your vehicle.

This 64 Beaumont Convertible had a 4 stage correction with complete touch up. The customer thought he had a new paint job......!!

Below 2017 Cherokee was scratched from end to end. We did a 4 stage and complete touch - up on it. New owner was blown away by the appearance!!

This 2016 CX5 has 65000 Kms. It looked like it had 200000. We did a 4 stage - cut, polish/sealer plus a complete touch up on it. The owner was ecstatic with its new appearance.

Below is a 2016 Chev 2500 that needed a full 4 stage with complete touch ups. Some other competitor tried but failed. Customer admitted that he should have just brought it to us the first time! He is ecstatic now with the job we did!


To inquire further about our services or request a free estimate, please give us a call today!


Paint Detailing

Paint detailing, paint polishing, scratch removal, chip repairs and much more.

Minor Body Repairs

Headlight restoration, surface rust repairs, tree sap removal and much more.

Arctic Coating

Ceramic coating and top coats to protect your vehicle’s paintwork in winter.

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